A prayer for healing for angered and troubled souls in my community

My suburb boasts many conveniences and beauty of green hills and wilderness surrounds

[Taken from the Greater Springfield website – https://greaterspringfield.com.au/]

Shops, a railway line, easy transport, lagoons and playgrounds

It seems mostly peaceful, mostly pleasant

The short conversations I share as I journey alongside those who live around me mostly boost my soul

Baristers, other parents dropping and picking up children from school, other walkers and runners on the paths I stroll

I nod and say hello to others on the path.  They smile back and wish me a good day.

Then with some exchanges I struggle to keep my shakes at bay

The rhythm and melody of life is broken

I cross the crossing with my baby and two year old and my two year old stumbles and falls

I stop and bend down to help her up

A man in a ute is forced to slow down. 

He hits a metaphorical wall

He shouts expletives because my stopping has inconvenienced his day.

He aggressively swerves his ute around us and presses on away.

I am shaken and worried about my children absorbing this anger.  I manage to help my toddler up and hold her hand while I push the pram in which my baby sits to the side of the road.

An older mother and daughter come run over to comfort me and check that I am ok

I am happy that others have seen what has happened

I feel calmed that others care but still worried for the man and those in his orbit

I pray the deep anger held deep by those who engage in this behaviour is confronted, addressed and resolved

I pray those who may be in danger in these domestic situations may be able to escape and find safe haven

I pray for deep peace and healing for all troubled souls in our suburb and our community.


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