San Diego: A successful set-up by a mutual friend

Before we take up again at where I last left off on my travel adventure romance in the United States it’s important to flash back to where I had been in my life about a year prior. Almost exactly a year before my travels stateside I had taken a holiday to Fiji by myself. I … Read More

Los Angeles: A once in a lifetime trip to the Coffee Bean and two lives changed forever

LAX Kathump.  That was the first sound I heard the first time I landed in Los Angeles.  I had just awoken from a deep sleep.  My head had been firmly resting against the window of an economy seat of a Boeing 747.  Thick white clouds were all I had seen after waking and I had … Read More

Remembering being loved by Philadelphia – the city of brotherly love

My first days in the USA after moving there for an indefinite amount of time to pursue love were spent in Philadelphia. It was a city I knew only a little about but one that in the few months that followed I grew to love. Philadelphia, I learned, was a city devoid of pretence. Its … Read More