The five emotional stages of my experience of contracting coronavirus

So I made it to the other side – the other side of coronavirus. After two years of hearing about this deadly virus that could potentially kill me it decided to pay me a visit.

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It all started with my one of my daughters having a mild temperature and being a little more emotional than her usual self during the middle of the night. We were staying at my Mum’s place while my husband was away overseas on a short trip back to the United States to check in on his parents and finally clear out a storage shed we had in California. I had to wake several times to comfort her and I can’t say I slept very well as I kept dreaming about the implications of what a temp would mean for me the next day…and possibly coming days. And yes, as it turns out the following morning we did not start the daily routine as per the usual drop off and my returning home to work but a trip to the Royal Children’s Hospital for a covid test which by the end of the day was returned as positive – mine and one of my daughter’s. The second daughter’s test was negative – at least at that moment.

So ensured seven days of watching Disney + which included over 200 renditions of Encanto. There were beautiful moments I cherish of cuddling my two babies while they rested and recovered. I relished in the simpleness of not having to go anywhere or see anyone. All I had to do was be with my two children while they rode the covid wave. There needs were simple – cuddles and the rearrangement of blankets. We enjoyed ordering uber eats and having it arrive at our door and no restrictions on screen time.

“This is a pretty good holiday”, my eldest, Genevieve, said to me at one stage during our isolation and upon reflection looking back now it probably was. But our isolation period was definitely not all sunshine and roses. There were a few distinct stages I went through with coronavirus and I wonder if anyone else experienced these same stages?

1.Elation and excitement

I had a lot of adrenaline when I first found out I was covid positive. There was a sort of perhaps elation at the beginning and a lot of adrenaline. I couldn’t sleep the first few nights despite at first displaying no symptoms. It was exciting but also terrifying that covid had finally chosen me and my family. I also was a little too confident in these beginning stages that I would actually experience any symptoms, confident that I would be one of those people who get through covid without any adverse effects.

2. Settling in

Following this period of hype there was a period of settling in and enjoying the simple and then my symptoms started. There was then fear of how my body would react. I had an awful sore throat that I couldn’t seem to treat with any of the over the counter medications I had at home and fear for my unborn baby (being about six months pregnant).

3. Overwhelm

Following on from my confrontation with reality that I had in fact developed symptoms I became fatigued and overwhelmed. I could not stand the mess that had accumulated in the house and I began to wonder if in fact we would ever be able to leave quarantine. The floor of our living room was completely covered in toys. I had a few cries on the phone to my Mum. I was depleted and my mood and composure was starting to falter.

4. Disbelief and fear about leaving the house after the quarantine period ended

Not too long after I had started to feel overwhelmed our quarantine period ended but I was not sure if I felt comfortable enough to leave the house. I was scared I was still sick and would infect other people. I was experiencing some residual symptoms but according to the health advice I was able to leave the house. As I was pregnant and still had some chest pain I did not understand I did decided to get everything checked out professionally and I am happy to report got told everything looked good. I slowly got

5. Feeling invincible

After having covid I felt free and less fearful of the disease. I was told by the health advice that I would be free from having to isolate again for 12 weeks or so. There was a great sense of relief!

How about you?

I imagine most people have experienced the spicy cough by now. Did you go through the same stages during quarantine?

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