Anya, the bleeding woman is healed by Jesus


A water droplet fell on Anya’s head. The moisture shocked her from her sleep and she opened her eyes. Her sparse single-room dwelling was still dark with just a hint of the morning light creeping through its small high singular window despite light rain continuing to fall. Anya remembered what the significance of the day was and was grateful that the rain had awoken her despite feeling a little frustrated that her roof was still in need of repair – a task she had neither the financial means nor the energy reserves to address. Her situation, on other days, could have caused the leak to trigger a state of depression that could have even lasted a day or even up to weeks. However, Anya had hope that today would perhaps bring a change and that hope she focused on her dark thoughts did not take hold in her mind. She slowly rolled herself off her sleeping mat and carefully stood up and moved to a small wooden chair and table where she sat down and peeled back a wrapping on some bread that her friend, Sarah, had brought when she had visited her the night before.

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Anya, The Bleeding Woman is Healed by Katie Sampias – Calla Press

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